Numeracy at the end of Kindergarten

By the end of Kindergarten, students should be able to correctly count up to 20 items and be able to complete an oral count to thirty. They should also be able to identify numerals up to 20.

As students can be at different places on each of these aspects, information is needed on the Forward number word sequence, Early arithmetical strategies andNumeral identification.

1 goals

Example Video

This student does not appear to know the correct sequence of counting words beyond ten and is not matching the count to the objects using a one-to-one principle.

Simple Task

Can you get 15 pencils and count them out for me? Can you find the number card that shows how many pencils are there?
A student not achieving grade expectations may skip number words or objects in carrying out the count. Different target numbers of objects may be used but the requested number should typically be within the range from 12 to 20.